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The Brand

Dear Customers,

The It Tamarindo is a company of men´s fashion that was founded in November of 2016, after some months of a careful process of selection of the best manufactures, of the patterns more originals and of the richest materials for confection of our ties and the others accessories destined for a classic men but with a touch of contemporary and sophistication.

The philosophy of It Tamarindo is to create and offer timeless accessories, looking for the perfect balance between a classic style but updated, through a continuing renovation of models and patterns, with the goal of making our accessories in the favourites of your wardrobe.

All our ties and others accessories are made in Europe, from the richest materials and have a limited edition with a maximum of 16 units, trying to guarantee our customers a certain exclusivity.

How does define the It Tamarindo Man?

Is a man who trusts in his style, who looks for quality, good taste and make a difference!